Know the History of Body Slimming Machine!

Know the History of Body Slimming Machine!

Are you fascinated by the science of anti-aging, fat-slimming, and body aesthetics? This blog about the history of body slimming machine might interest you! Cultures around the world have different standards of beauty with criteria ranging from the shape of the nose to the alignment of teeth and even the size of one’s feet! When it comes to body shape, while certain African cultures and Greeks prefer plumper and heavier compositions, the ancient Egyptians preferred slender. However, post-globalization, with the boom in popular culture, the love for slimmer bodies has turned global. And so has the love for body slimming machines!

With the increasing popularity and the advent of technology, the fat burning machine has evolved too. From hefty big-sized machines to slimmer hand-held devices and multipurpose machines, the journey of fat-burning devices is one worth knowing more about.

7 in 1 Cavitation Machine

The first-ever body slimming machine

Let’s begin with a little flashback to Greece! We can trace back the first-ever vibrating machine to the Greeks. They developed a vibration therapy device that looked like a wooden bow and was wrapped with a cotton cloth. The Greeks believed that rubbing the device over the skin at a fast pace would help improve blood circulation and enhance the speedy recovery of wounds. So, the first known ancestor of our complex modern-day fat-burning machine was a simple wooden shaft!

Jonas Gustav Zander’s body slimming machine

Later during the 1800s, when the scientific approach was gaining pace, a Swedish doctor named Jonas Gustav Zander invented a large vibrating belt slimming the machine. However, his innovative fat-burning machine gained market popularity only later in the 1900s. Another one of his inventions, the slimming suction machine, went on to become the most popular device in the twentieth century. The suction machine was mechanized with a series of cogs that facilitated rollers over the stomach to promote fat reduction.

In 1940, Dr John Harvey Kellogg (yup, the cornflakes guy!), developed a motorized device with soft foam balls. The high-speed rotation of the foam ball drum helped reduce fat over targeted areas of the body. This fat roller was a path-breaking innovation that led the way to our current-day body slimming machine.

Fat burning machines today

With technology that brings amazing inventions each and every day, the twenty-first-century generation of body-sculpting devices has it all! From ultrasound cavitation, RF slimming devices, and hand-held body massage guns to the all-in-one 7 in 1 cavitation machine; we have access to a plethora of fat-reduction options. With painless, non-invasive, scar-free, and rapid mechanisms, modern-day devices have made body sculpting an easy “at-home” or “lunch-hour procedure”!

You can even get all premium fat slimming procedures in a single machine with the ultimate 7-in-1 cavitation machine. Convenience and comfort at its best!

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