In the case of defects in material or workmanship, Ariana Spa Supplies products are subject to a warranty up to One year from the original purchase date. This warranty applies to Ariana Spa Supplies-branded products purchased directly from our company or through a third-party seller. During this warranty period, we will repair or exchange products or parts of a product that are proven defective due to problems with material or workmanship. If we are unable to replace or repair defective items, we will refund the customer the original purchase price.

This warranty does not apply to damage or malfunctions that are not the result of material or workmanship defects. Defects resulting from regular wear, misuse, accidents, alterations, unauthorized repairs, or other causes are not covered.

Ariana Spa Supplies cannot guarantee that it can replace and/or repair a product without damaging or losing information and/or data stored on the product. Under no circumstance will Ariana Spa Supplies be held liable for (1) loss or damage that cannot be proven to be caused by Ariana Spa Supplies or (2) losses determined to be the customer’s fault, as well as the loss of data, profits, or benefits.

Any limitations of liability in this warranty document shall not apply to (i) death or personal injury according to any mandatory law on product liability; (ii) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; (iii) intentional misconduct or gross negligence; (iv) or a culpable breach of major contractual obligations. A damages claim based on a breach of major contractual obligations or gross negligence will be limited to foreseeable damage typical for the sale contract concerned.

To request warranty service, contact Ariana Spa Supplies by  emailing support@arianaspas.com. To determine eligibility, you may be required to supply proof of purchase. Customers are also expected to cover all shipping costs associated with repairs and/or replacements.