Slim, Sculpt, And Slay With Fat Cavitation Machines

Slim, Sculpt, And Slay With Fat Cavitation Machines

Have you been trying to get rid of that arm flab that’s stopping you from wearing your favorite sleeveless dress? Fat cavitation machines come as a painless and non-invasive fat reduction treatment for localized fat slimming. It comes as a great alternative to painful and risky surgical fat removal procedures. Today, by the grace of advancing technology, beauty treatments have moved ahead by leaps and bounds. Fat cavitation machine equip various types of technologies like ultrasound waves, the principles of radiofrequency, and even the science of ancient vacuum-cupping methods.

You can the benefits of these vacuum suction and photo-facial treatments like laser fat slimming in the ultimate 7 in 1 cavitation machine.

Is Lipo Cavitation Machine and Liposuction the same?

Even though the main purpose of both procedures is fat removal, the essential difference lies in the invasive aspect. Traditional liposuction is a surgical cosmetic procedure in plastic surgery that removes fat invasively. It involves the use of saline injections and knives to remove the extra fat. It is a painful procedure that requires anesthesia and downtime for recovery.

Unlike traditional liposuction surgery, the lipo cavitation machine is completely non-invasive and painless. It works upon the principles of ultrasound and radiofrequency waves, laser and vacuum suction, none of which require you to go under the knife. The immediate results and no downtime make it a safe and effective alternative to painful fat-slimming surgeries.

7 in 1 Cavitation Machine
7 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

On what parts of my body can I use a fat cavitation machine?

The best kind of fat cavitation machines come with hand-held, easy-to-grip devices. Each handpiece is specifically meant for different cavitation methods and body parts. You can use it to:

  • Tone muscles of the legs and arms
  • Removes the belly pooch
  • Firms the buttocks
  • Slims the inner thighs as a solution to chaffing
  • Removes fat from near the breasts
  • Reduces double chin
  • Works on the skin on the face and body

You can get these benefits in a single portable device called the 7-in-1 cavitation machine. It makes fat slimming of the face and body easy as a one-stop solution with all cavitation treatments.

Why is a lipo cavitation machine better than liposuction?

  • For any kind of lipo cavitation process that you choose, you never have to worry about incisions and post-treatment scar.
  • It offers painless, safe, and FDA-approved fat slimming without any requirement of anesthesia.
  • It is an easy office-hour procedure! Takes only about 40 minutes per session.
  • With no downtime, you can complete each session and happily walk back to work and continue your day like usual.
  • Without the risk of incisions, it automatically avoids the dangers of any infections post-surgery.
  • Other than proper diet and healthy water consumption, you have nothing more to prepare before each session.
  • Lipo cavitation machine offers immediate and visible results post each session.

 How much does each session of lipo cavitation cost?

It largely depends upon two factors. One, which type of fat-slimming cavitation are you seeking at the spa, and secondly, the requirements of your fat removal and body type. It generally costs around $200 to $250 per session of around 40 minutes.

Can I use a fat cavitation machine at home?

Of course, you can! Handheld body cavitation machines are easy to use and convenient. It allows you flexible reach to fat deposits on any part of the body and face.

The 7 in 1 cavitation machine: The Ultimate Lipo Cavitation Machine from Ariana Spa Supplies

It offers the following dedicated handpieces for each specific fat-slimming treatment and skin tightening:

  • 40K Cavitation 2.0 head
  • Vacuum therapy infused Bipolar RF head
  • Tripolar RF head
  • Quadrupolar RF Head
  • Body contour head
  • Two laser lipo paddles, large and small

Shop from a range of high-quality fat cavitation machines and level up your home spa with the latest aesthetic trends from Ariana Spa Supplies.

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