What is Better 30K or 40K RF Cavitation Machine?

What is Better 30K or 40K RF Cavitation Machine?

Are you looking for an advanced ultrasonic cavitation machine for your spa? Buying a cavitation device is an important investment decision. Choosing which machine fits your requirements and budget is quite a task! One of the criteria to pick the right cavitation device is the power of the machines based on the number of cycles per second. Let’s get a better understanding of this criterion.

Which is better; 30K or 40K RF Cavitation?

Before we decide upon which device is better, let’s understand what 30K and 40K mean. These numbers tell you about how powerfully the machine operates by cycles per second. For example, 40K indicates that the device paddle emits 40,000 cycles per second. This means that the device produces 40,000 waves per second that hit the target fat cells. However, it does not necessarily mean that the higher the number, the higher the power. One might falsely assume that an 80K RF skin tightening machine is better than a 40K one. It actually depends on the requirements of the treatment and the body of the person being treated. While some bodies might respond well to the 40K device, others might prefer an 80K device that produces lower noise levels.

One of the most difficult choices that customers face is to choose between 30K and 40K ultrasound cavitation machines. Since the powers of the machines are nearly the same, it is difficult to say which is better. Some might prefer a 30K device over the 40K one owing to the affordability, while others might choose the 40K considering that it’s more efficient.

Here are a few comparative factors that can help you choose the right device:

  • 30K cavitation machine has less powerful ultrasonic waves as compared to 40K ultrasonic cavitation machine.
  • When it comes to working on deeper fat cells, a 30K RF cavitation device does better than a 40K RF cavitation.
  • 30K cavitation devices are more affordable as compared to the 40K ones.
  • 30K cavitation devices are smaller in size while 40K cavitation machines are on the heavier side.

If you have a smaller spa or aesthetic clinic or if you are buying an RF skin tightening machine for your home spa, a 30K cavitation machine sounds like the perfect choice. However, most professional aestheticians prefer 40K RF cavitation as it offers powerful cavitation along with long-lasting results. Plus, 40k cavitation has been seen to be more effective against scar tissue.

It’s best to ask the experts!

Before you make a final buying decision, it is always wise to ask a professional aesthetician. They can help you identify your requirements and pick the right ultrasound cavitation machine for your spa or home use.

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