FAQs About Body Slimming with Lipo Cavitation Machine

FAQs About Body Slimming with Lipo Cavitation Machine

Having you been reading about and surfing online to know more about cavitation machine, how it functions, non-invasive fat trimming, and other alternative treatments? In the blog, get answers to the frequently asked questions about lipo cavitation and get a better picture of non-surgical body slimming.

Lipo cavitation machine is the new normal in the field of aesthetics. First introduced in 2000 in Milan, Italy, the lipo cavitation machine is now widely used in Europe, the USA and Australia. One of the main reasons for the rising popularity of lipo cavitation procedure is the safety and painless feature that makes it a perfect alternative to risky surgical liposuction. Plus, it offers very less recovery time, making it a convenient procedure with quick results.

How does a body cavitation machine work?

To put it simply, a body cavitation machine breaks down complex adipose fat into smaller and simpler substances that can be easily eliminated by the body. The ultrasound waves expelled by the device initiate thousands of microscopic bubbles that surround the target fat cells and vibrate. The vibrating bubbles develop a pressure that causes the fat cells to instantly liquefy the fat content.  However, unlike traditional liposuction where the fat is removed surgically with a cannula, lipo cavitation requires no incisions. The liquefied fat substances drain into the lymphatic system and metabolize naturally elimination through body fluids and waste.

Lipo cavitation machine

Does cavitation machine help with weight loss?

One of the major myths about lipo cavitation is that it is used for weight loss and treating obesity. That’s a big NO. A lipo cavitation machine works only on cellulite and superficial subcutaneous fat like stubborn fat bulges around the lower belly, butt, and thighs, etc. It only trims adipose fat and should not be used to treat obesity or seen as a weight-loss treatment.

In which areas of the body does the device work the best?

While a premium quality lipo cavitation machine can be used on almost any part of the body, there are specific parts with localized adipose fat that might need extra attention. It works best on the thighs, hips, lower abdomen, arm flab, back and buttocks.

How long does it take for recovery?

Do you know that lipo cavitation treatment is often called the “lunch hour procedure”? It is as simple as going to a salon for a manicure session. You can resume routine activity almost right after the treatment session. The best part about fat slimming with a body cavitation machine is that there are no post-treatment side effects. Apart from a mild tingling or warm sensation, you will feel nothing at all. Plus, you can see immediate results post the very first session.

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